Coach Bastos


The Training of Competitive Swimming
Taken Seriously.
Coach Bastos

Ex professional swimmer in a brazilian team by "Minas Tenis Clube de Belo Horizonte" and graduated in Physical Education since 2005, The Coach João Bastos has experience as a swimmer and Trainner, besides counting with refresher training and expertise in targeted training to swimming competitive conducted in Australia, Brazil and Spain.

My three secrets to success:

- Faith in God 

- Work hard

- Patience

Swimming is one of the few sports where in a competition, you can win even losing. Even if you have not gone up to the podium, if you could improve your brand, then you won.


Because you beat yourself. One step at a time and then your complete victory will come!

- Hydrodynamics applied to swimming

- Correction and improvement of the four styles.

- Complete Training Programs tournament

at all levels of performance.

- Specialist in training young and master swimmers. Own methodology focused on the physical and psychological areas. Training for the pools and for life.